Careers at Lumenisity

What is it like working at Lumenisity?

At Lumenisity, we pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming. We are a highly experienced, practical and world-class multidisciplinary team, working in areas ranging from fibre and cable design to optical system transmission, testing, applications, training and deployment. We provide new hollowcore fibre capability that breaks the traditional design rules and offers flexibility within customer networks in the telecommunications industry. When you join our team, you can expect to gain a unique experience working within a fast-paced environment, where you will have the opportunity to develop professionally and gain a number of valuable skills. Ultimately, you will be engaging with like-minded and skilled people, working hard towards our vision and to make Lumenisity a success.

Employee Testimonials

We asked some of our team to share their experience working at Lumenisity:

Since joining Lumenisity, I have grown within my role and alongside my dedicated and great co-workers. Every day presents new challenges, but with great leadership and team members we are able to overcome these. I love being a part of new and exciting technology which allows me to solve complex challenges with a hands-on approach. I find it very refreshing! - Manufacturing Test Technician

The speed of growth at Lumenisity has been incredible; factory size, product range and headcount have increased dramatically over the last few years. What remains the same though is the positive company culture where we all work together to achieve world record breaking innovative solutions that we can all be proud of. It is exciting and rewarding to be at the forefront of hollowcore cable technologies. - Optical Fibre Splicing and Test Engineer

Lumenisity is a very special place to work. There is a real culture of continuous improvement and learning, which is shared everywhere across the company. Being part of such a dynamic and collaborative team is a privilege.Quality Manager

Working for Lumenisity feels like being a part of something incredibly innovative. The positive and vibrant work environment encourages creativity and helps to improve our cutting-edge solutions that revolutionise the telecommunications industry. In addition, the company is considerate of every employee and offers an abundance of opportunities for professional growth and personal development. –  Manufacturing Test Technician