About us…

Lumenisity was formed in 2016 to commercialise the world class R&D in optical fibre technologies from the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), at the University of Southampton. Our mission is to develop advanced cable solutions that address the “Bandwidth Crunch” in high capacity communications systems. Our structured fibre solutions are tailored for high performance datacom and telecom applications in both data centres and public networks.

With the forecasted internet traffic to be over 2.3 Zeta bytes1 in 2020, generated largely by Cloud Computing, gaming and PDA’s, we are facing an impending Bandwidth Crunch. Over 75% of all IP traffic is expected to stay within the data centre and high capacity data links both intra and inter data centres will be required. With limited space in existing micro ducts, the pressure is on to find efficient solutions to satisfy the bandwidth requirements and increased network performance. Our structured fibres will offer a real advantage in these applications.

The company is well funded by a consortium of industrial and private investors and is  building a world class team and infrastructure.