About Us

Lumenisity® Limited was formed in early 2017 as a spin-out from the University of Southampton to commercialise breakthroughs in the development of hollowcore optical fibre. We have built a team of industry leaders and experts to realise our goals.

Our vision:

To be the world’s premier high-performance hollowcore fibre optic cable solutions provider offering our customers reliable, deployable, low latency and high bandwidth connections that unlock new capabilities in communication networks.

Our CORE values:


Lumenisity is well funded by a consortium of industrial and private investors. We recently relocated our headquarters to Romsey, UK after a substantial investment was made in developing a manufacturing and testing facility.

Lumenisity headquarters in Romsey, UK

Application in Communication Networks

With more emphasis on the digital economy, autonomy and virtual working than ever before, customers are searching for low latency, high capacity solutions, which our breakthrough innovative cabling solutions can offer.

Internet traffic is growing at an unprecedented rate, generated largely by Cloud Computing, gaming and PDA’s, meaning we are facing an impending network crunch.

High capacity and low latency data links, both intra and inter data centres will be required in strategic sections of the optical layer. One approach to addressing the challenge brought on by limited space in existing ducts, is the use of DWDM for both intra and inter data centre links, leveraging mature, emerging and future transmission technologies. Our hollowcore fibre-based cabling solutions will offer a real advantage in these applications.

To find out more about our hollowcore technology and its application, please visit our solutions page.


Lumenisity has a strong collaborative team working on advanced telecommunications fibres at the ORC, University of Southampton, UK.

The Lumenisity academic founders, Professor David Richardson FREng.,FRS: Deputy Director of the ORC, Professor Francesco Poletti and Professor Marco Petrovich have over 1500 publications and 50 years fibre optics experience between them. Their research expertise is complemented by the many years of telecommunications, datacom, fibre optics design, development and production experience of the industrial founders, Dr David Parker FREng., Dr Mike Fake and Andy Appleyard. Together, we have built and continue to grow a world-class team and expand our infrastructure to commercialise this hollowcore fibre technology.

Learn more about our team here.