Lumenisity is developing advanced cable solutions to address the Bandwidth Crunch in high capacity communications systems. Formed in 2016 to commercialise the world class R&D in optical fibre technologies from the University of Southampton, the company is well funded by a consortium of industrial and private investors and is currently building an extensive team and infrastructure.


Lumenisity has a strong collaboration with the team working on advanced telecoms fibres at the ORC, University of Southampton, England.

The Lumenisity academic founders, Professor David Richardson FREng: Deputy Director of the ORC, Professor FrancEsco Poletti and Dr Dr Marco Petrovich have over 1500 publications and 50 years fibre optics experience between them. Their research expertise is complemented by the many years of telecom, datacom, fibre optics design, development and production experience of the industrial founders, Dr David Parker FREng, Dr Mike Fake and Andy Appleyard. Together we are building a world class team and infrastructure to commercialise this advanced fibre technology.

With a mix of Private and Industrial end user investment, we are currently building an extensive commercial team and infrastructure.


The ORC is one of the world’s leading institutes for photonics research, based at the University of Southampton.

Formed in 1989 as an Interdisciplinary Research Centre, the ORC merges groups from Electronics and Computer Science, and Physics and Astronomy at the University. Led by some of the leading figures in the field of photonics, the ORC has contributed significantly to the remarkable growth of the photonics industry, including the optical telecommunication technology that underpins the internet, as well as many solutions in medicine, biosciences sensing, security and manufacturing.

The ORC foster a strong culture of innovation, forging close industry links, which have resulted in a raft of successful spin-out companies like Lumenisity, the ORC has excellent relationships with business and industry both in the UK and internationally, and provide support through joint research projects, consultancy, commercialisation of research, knowledge transfer and use of their facilities.

For more information, please visit the ORC website: