CoreSmart® Unique NANF® Hollowcore Technology

A cross-section of Lumenisity’s hollowcore DNANF

Lumenisity’s CoreSmart® fibre optic cable solutions use a patented nested anti-resonant nodeless fibre (NANF®) hollowcore technology. Previous generations of hollowcore technology, based on photonic bandgap fibre (PBGF), are inherently multi-moded and require complex structures to reduce the impact of parasitic modes on the hollowcore performance. Lumenisity’s CoreSmart NANF operates robustly on a single mode. This provides continuous uninterrupted transmission at 1310nm and over the full C and L bands and beyond. NANF technology is not limited by the same fundamental physics that will compromise the performance of future PBGF solutions. NANF also promises to achieve levels of loss at or below conventional single-mode fibre today.

CoreSmart hollowcore cable solutions that are being deployed today have losses of typically 2.5dB/km over a wide temperature range – the lowest loss deployable hollowcore cable commercially available to date. Our roadmap and technical innovations will reduce this figure of merit substantially in the near future.

Installation and Deployment

Lumenisity’s CoreSmart technology is designed to be compatible with existing networks and systems equipment. It can be spliced in the field or directly connected to equipment, by trained and accredited installers. This is done using commercially available splicers combined with Lumenisity’s proprietary, patent pending, hollowcore to conventional fibre adapter technology.

The cable technology has been ruggedly tested and proven in challenging environments. The company with its customers and partners, has deployed multiple cables globally, carrying live production traffic in the field, with some carrying traffic for over three years.

We offer system emulation, installation support, training and accreditation services, and have recommended solutions for enclosures and housings.