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Lumenisity wins best fibre/fibre component category in the ECOC Industry Awards 2022

In September, Lumenisity won the Best Fibre/Fibre Component category at the ECOC Industry Awards for the NANF®-based CoreSmart® cable solution. This is the second year in a row that Lumenisity has won this category. Find out more here.

Comcast Becomes First ISP in the United States to Deploy Advanced Hollowcore Fiber with Faster Speed, Lower Latency

On Wednesday 20th May, Comcast announced they are the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the US to deploy hollowcore fibre, supplied by Lumenisity. Read the full press release here.

TOP Conference 2022 Talk: Hollowcore Optical Fibres: A British Invention with Revolutionary Potential

In February, Prof. Francesco Poletti was invited to the TOP Conference to talk about the development of hollowcore fibres and the potential for this technology in the future. Watch the full video here.

A Lumenisity White Paper: CoreSmart Hollowcore Cable Solutions

Lumenisity share the latest white paper explaining how NANF technology is uniquely different from other types of hollowcore fibre, and how its higher transmission capacity-x-reach potential, combined with ultra low latency, could revolutionise optical network design. Read the white paper here.

Lumenisity wins Best Fibre Component Product Award at ECOC Exhibition Industry Awards 2021

On Tuesday 14th September, it was announced that Lumenisity won the Best Fibre Component Product category for the hollowcore NANF® CoreSmart® cable at the ECOC Exhibition Industry Awards.

Find out more about the awards here or read the full press release.

OFC 2021: 400ZR and 400ZR+ virtually everywhere and entering commercial reality

Lumenisity’s hollowcore fibre lab trials with Ciena were included in an OFC 2021 report created by global research leader, Omdia. The report stated:

Hollow-core fiber specialist, Lumenisity, announced lab trials using its CoreSmart fiber and commercially available Wavelogic 5 extreme (WL5e) and Wavelogic 5 nano (WL5n) products from Ciena. Lumenisity demonstrated reaches of more than 1,000 km at 400G WDM transmission in a recirculating loop. Although the loss of this fiber is still high relative to conventional single-mode fiber, it has several advantages. The first is low latency that happens in the hollow core fiber because the laser signals are traveling through air and not solid core silica glass. Its CoreSmart fiber increases the reach by 50% while maintaining the same latency. This can be very important in crowded metropolitan areas where data center locations can be very expensive. It may also play an important role for latency-sensitive 5G x-haul applications.

Find the full report here.


Prof. Francesco Poletti, Head of the Hollowcore Fibre Group at the ORC presented at the OECC 2021 workshop on Data Centre Interconnect technology, focusing on what hollowcore fibre technology could offer in supporting Data Centres.


At this year’s OFC Prof. Francesco Poletti, Head of the Hollowcore Fibre Group at the ORC reported the progress that has been made on improving the performance of NANF® hollowcore fibres.

First Demonstration of Field-Deployable Low Latency Hollow-core Cable Capable of Supporting >1000km, 400Gb/s WDM Transmission

Trials undertaken by Lumenisity, Ciena and the University of Southampton report order-of-magnitude improvements in performance of field-deployable hollowcore fibre cables evidenced by a 38.4Tb/s (800Gb/s-x-48WDM-channels) 20.5km lab-trial using commercial terminal equipment and the demonstration of 1128km/126km reach in full-fill 400/800Gb/s WDM recirculating-loop experiments.

High-Frequency Traders Push Closer to Light Speed With Cutting-Edge Cables

High-frequency traders are using hollowcore fibre technology to speed up their systems by billionths of a second, the latest move in a technological arms race to execute stock trades as quickly as possible.


Prof. Francesco Poletti explains how hollowcore fibre developed at the ORC (University of Southampton) matches or even beats the transparency of solid-core fibres in key wavelengths outside of the telecommunications band, where glass is most transparent. Read the IEEE Spectrum article here.

Hollowcore Optical Fibre Outperforms Standard Fibre at Shorter Wavelengths

On 27th November 2020, a paper was published in Nature Communications highlighting that NANF hollowcore fibre produced at the ORC (University of Southampton) can outperform standard fibres at short wavelengths. Find out more about this research here

Connecting the UK- Made in the UK.

The Photonics Leadership Group have outlined their vision of digitally compressing the UK. This means bringing regions up to 30% closer together, whilst doubling UK hardware content in networks and halving the UK digital carbon impact. Find out more here

OFC 2020: Hollowcore fibre advances towards exceeding telecom fibre limit

Researchers from the Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics at the University of Southampton, UK submitted a post deadline paper at the OFC in 2020. The paper highlights their latest findings in what they call “a new leap in hollowcore fibre performance” and involved close collaboration with Lumenisity.

Find out more about this paper here.

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