Our CoreSmart® Solution

Lumenisity® Limited provides ground-breaking fibre optic cable solutions for advanced communication and network applications. As the light propagates in air, our hollowcore fibre based optical cable, CoreSmart® allows the data to travel 50% faster than in traditional solid core fibre which results in a 30% reduction in latency between nodes, data centres or exchanges. With 1000x reduction in power induced non-linear effects and broad spectral bandwidth, NANF® based hollowcore cable can carry more WDM channels and hence higher capacity per strand. It offers the promise of extended reach compared to conventional solid silica-based fibre optic cables, with virtually no limits on the launch power and the large channel count capability due to the almost non-existent nonlinearity. Lumenisity’s CoreSmart® and Hollowcore TradeSmart® NANF cable solutions offer significant advantages over conventional fibre optic cable, unlocking new levels of performance in critical parts of existing and next generation communication networks.

Key application areas include:

  • Financial trading where low latency cross connects between data centres and exchanges is critical to complement and enhance the optimised wireless networks. Metro distances are also now possible with Lumenisity’s CoreSmart solutions.
Optimisation of interconnects for latency sensitive financial cross connects
  • Webscale and data centre architecture where Lumenisity’s CoreSmart NANF cable solutions provide increased data capacity per fibre and a 30% reduction in latency between data centres. This unlocks new network performance capability and efficiencies. NANF hollowcore fibre used in our cables, offers continuous and wide bandwidth covering the conventional 1310nm, C and L bands and beyond along with super low (1000x lower) nonlinearity, which in turn eliminates conventional limits on the maximum total channel power in each strand of the cable. Applications include cross campus interconnect and the flexibility to increase the separation of critical data centres in the core network (2x geographic coverage). This is done while maintaining the latency envelope required for synchronous backup and disaster recovery between data centres. For example, with CoreSmart technology, the separation between data centres can be increased from 60km to 90km while maintaining the critical round trip latency time, in a region twice as large as is currently possible using conventional cable. 
2.25x geographic coverage with CoreSmart
  • 5G mobile networks for extending the separation of Remote Radio Units (RRU) and Base Band Units (BBU) within the network, whilst maintaining a low latency envelope enabling consolidation of key equipment shared between multiple radio masts.
Hollowcore cable extends reach to Master Base Station within critical network latency envelope