Press Releases

8th March 2022

Lumenisity® announces next generation of hollowcore fibre technology with lower loss than standard single-mode fibre

8th March 2022

Accelerating the speed of light, euNetworks deploys 7 kilometres of Lumenisity® CoreSmart® hollowcore fibre cable in London

22nd September 2021

Lumenisity® announces NPS Ltd as the first approved installer for CoreSmart® cable solutions in their global network

21st September 2021

Lumenisity® wins Best Fibre Component Product in ECOC Exhibition Industry Awards 2021

13th September 2021

BT conducts world’s first trial of quantum-secure communications over hollowcore fibre cable

10th June 2021

Politecnico di Torino demonstrates ultra long haul WDM transmission with Lumenisity® NANF hollowcore fibre reaching beyond 5000km

8th June 2021

Lumenisity® Limited demonstrates over 1000km reach with 45x 400Gb/s channels using next generation Hollowcore CoreSmart® cable solution and Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme

7th June 2021

Lumenisity® Limited’s new generation of Hollowcore CoreSmart® cable demonstrates first 400ZR DWDM Transmission

1st June 2021

BT kicks off trials of revolutionary new optical fibre

14th April 2021

euNetworks deploys Lumenisity® Hollowcore Fibre in London

27th October 2020

Amiri win £4 million project with Lumenisity® Limited in Romsey

30th September 2020

Lumenisity® Limited announces world’s first deployable hollowcore fibre optic cables for 10Gbit DWDM transmission over 10km links

30th September 2020

Lumenisity® Limited receives a major investment from a consortium of investors