Our Team

At Lumenisity® Limited, we pride ourselves in being a team of world-leading experts with a wealth of experience in telecommunication and fibre optic technology. We are the trusted provider of hollowcore fibre optic cabling solutions.

The management team benefits from over 100 years’ experience in datacom, telecommunications and fibre optics, in research and product commercialisation.

We have the backing of arguably the leading academic team in the world working on advanced telecommunications fibres, based at the University of Southampton. 

Our Support team

As Business Development Director at Lumenisity, Tony Pearson provides support with sales enquiries on our hollowcore cable solutions.

For any sales support enquiries, please email hollowcore@lumenisity.com.

Our Commercial Director, Dr Mike Fake, is responsible for Product Management Systems and Applications at Lumenisity and manages any technical support enquiries for our solutions.

If you need any technical advice or guidance, please email hollowcore@lumenisity.com.