Virtual Patent Marking

Lumenisity products are manufactured under one or more of the following patents and applications:

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And under one or more of the following patents and applications licensed by NKT Photonics A/S:

US6,985,661; US6,845,204; US7,305,164; US8,215,129; US7,224,873; US7,346,249; US7,245,807; US8,938,146; WO1999/64904 (PCT/DKT99/00193); US6,888,992; EP1,340,725.

And all reissues, re-examinations, extensions, divisions, continuations, and continuations-in-part of the above patents or patent applications, and all patents, patent applications and utility models, anywhere in world, that claim priority from, or that share a common priority claim with, the listed patents or applications.